NONPERIODICAL  No. 19  February 2002

This is an English page of gNeperiodajxoh.

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This is the second issue in which English page is added.


""Letter sent to my friends of War Resisters League""

October 1, 2001

Dear friends!

I read your message dated September 11, 2001, translated into Japanese by Mr. KIMISHIMA.  I feel sympathy to your massage and I introduced your text and translation in my personal news letter "Neperiodajxo" in Japanese.  Also I wish to introduce your text in my news letter in Esperanto.  Japanese edition of my news letter was sent to 47 friends of mine in Japan.

I express my regret with all my heart to the victims by the attacks, and I wish no more victims by counter violence made by US Army.


""Original message"" of War Resisters League will be sent to you, if you request me accordingly.



gNeperiodajxoh means in Esperanto that hNot regularly published printingh, and English translation should be gNonperiodicalh.  gNonperiodicalh is the name of my personal magazine and also the name of my Home page in WWW.  My home page also has a page written in English.  I added English page for wider communication.  Esperanto is preferable for me, since it is easier than English to write and read, and there is no disadvantage for non-native speaker.  But I will accept your message in English, same as Esperanto.


Publisher of this "Nonperiodial" is HIROSE Shinji who working for patent firm in field of trademark matter, and have carrier of over twenty years in the field.