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Last-modified on 27/Feb/2004

   This Home page is held by HIROSE Shinji. Who is Shinji? Introduction will be appeared shortly in this page. (I wrote this in 17/Sep/200, and a article is not yet appeared.)

   I had continued to publish my own personal news letter named "Neperiodajxo" in Japanese and Esperanto since 1974. Japanese edition of "Neperiodajxo" counts the number 152 in this January.
"Neperiodajxo" is a coined word in Esperanto which means "News letter not regularly published". I added English part to the "Neperiodajxo" in Esperanto edition.
As for me, English is the second language same as Esperanto, and Esperanto is easier for me to use. These days I use English in my dairy work in writing letters, subject is limited to Trademark matter.  These days computer software, dictionary and translation software, greatly help me to write English. It makes me feel easier than past to write English, and this is the main reason that I wish to add English part to my news letter for wider communication.

   Please see also Nonperiodical Nos. 18, 19, 20, 20-b, clicking button for these No, in left column.